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[2018 New Version] Huawei H13-623-ENU certification exam questions

The Huawei H13-623-ENU HCNP-Storage-CDPS exam covers OceanStor backup solution and OceanStor DR solution technologies. Such as: Backup and DR solution technologies, Backup and DR solution planning and design, Backup and DR solution deployment, Backup and DR solution maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Share some HCNP-Storage H13-623-ENU exam questions and answers below.
What kind of backup type should you choose if you back up your last full-time change data?
A. Incremental
B. Completely
C. Differences
D. Integrated completely
Answer: A

Backup Networking LAN-Base is one of the most common networking modes. what advantages is it included? (Optional)
A. Make full use of the existing network, cost savings.
B. Does not affect the performance of the production host.
C. Backup performance is good.
D. Control data and backup data are transmitted through service network.
Answer: AD

VIS configuration before creating business volume, create a logical disk group and add the corresponding logical disk. it is important to note that DCO is set to “Do not retain data”.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Which of the following statement about the source-side deduplication and target-side deduplication is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Source-side Deduplication makes hash comparison on the being transmitted data block in the source side, if the data block has been previously transmitted, only need to transmit hash index value.
B. Compared to post-processing data transmission, the target-side deduplication online processing method performance is better
C. the target-side deduplication can save bandwidth resources and do not occupy resources of source side.
D. Source-side deduplication, occupy the resource of the source side, can save bandwidth resources.
Answer: AD

Which of the following ways does data deduplication include? (Multiple choice)
A. Target-side deduplication
B. Partial deduplication
C. Global deduplication
D. Parallel deduplication
Answer: ACD

Software Replication Director’s own script for Oracle, SQL Server support one-click fault recovery, which of the following is not in the one-click failure recovery list?
A. Test application starts successfully
B. Forced switch replication relationships
C. Start the disaster recovery application
D. LUN mapping
Answer: D

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