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Share some HCNP-Cloud H13-522-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Support VLAN tagging functionality through ______, to achieve virtual switching capabilities, and achieve VLAN isolation, ensure the safety of isolation between virtual machines.

A. virtual bridge

B. Virtual NIC

C. Virtual Router

D. physical NIC

Answer: A

Which of the following types of disaster do FusionSphere disaster recovery plan include? (Multiple choice)

A. storage remote copy disaster recovery

B. metro dual-active disaster recovery

C. Host remote copy disaster recovery

D. the virtual machine application disaster recovery

Answer: ABCD

Technical characteristics of UItraVR host copying disaster recovery plan include ___. (Multiple choice)

A. one-button disaster recovery switch, disaster drills and planned migration

B. No need to install agent software in a virtual machine

C. does not depend on the storage device, supports a variety of storage types

D. support disaster recovery of the whole virtual machine (including the system volume and data volumes)

Answer: ABCD

FusionSphere network communications plane is divided into business plane, the memory plane and ____, and the three planes are isolated.

A. Virtualization plane

B. Management Plane

C. physical plane

D. Host plane

Answer: B

Use VPN to connect the VPC in Amazon with the VPC in FusionSphere, which mode of VPN is used?

A. Client-Client

B. Client-Server

C. Server-Server

D. Server-Client

Answer: C

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