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[Pass H20-651-ENU] HCS-Field-Server-ENG H20-651-ENG exam questions

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Share some HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU exam questions and answers below.
The default BMC management network port IP address of RH2288 V3 rack server is (The factory default is a static IP):





Answer: B

About the description of x6000 server PCIe expansion card, which of the following are incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

A. When configuring four and a half width compute nodes, one PCIe x8 card can be expanded for each compute node

B. When configuring two full curtains compute nodes, two PCIe x8 cards can be expanded for each compute node

C. 4 PCIe expansion slots and the corresponding relation of compute nodes can be configured

D. When configuring two full curtains compute nodes, PCIe slot 3 and 4 are not available

Answer: AD

The E9000 is a high-performance enterprise-class high-end server for resilient computing and telecom computing, targeted at high-end computing platforms.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

The following description of the server firmware upgrade operation, the incorrect is:

A. iMana200 upgrade need to restart iMana200 then the new version will take effect

B. iMana200 needs to be upgraded twice

C. BIOS upgrade once

D. BISO upgrade needs to restart iMana200 to take effect

Answer: D

For Huawei servers, it is suggested to shut down the running business on the server before some of the firmware upgrade to avoid interrupting business when the server restarts.

Which of the following firmware upgrade need to restart the server x86 platform to take effect? (Multiple Choice)

A. BMC Firmware (Standby)

B. BMC Firmware (Main)

C. BIOS Firmware

D. Motherboard CPLD Firmware

Answer: CD

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