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Testpassport crack real Huawei HCIE R&S H12-261-ENU real exam questions

H12-261-ENU exam can turn anyone’s professional life into an everlasting golden phase. This examination does not just authenticate your skills and expertise, but vouches for you on an international basis as well. Preparation with Testpassport can give you that much-needed universal acclaim and recognition. This is possible only if you give Testpassport a trial. There are many ways to prepare for your H12-261-ENU Certification Exam. Testpassport provides the most reliable training tools to prepare for your next H12-261-ENU Certification Exam.

Share some HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU exam questions and answers below.
There is a network composed by router R1, router R2, router R3 and router R4. The four routers are interconnected by a LAN network. All four routers deploy the basic OSPF. When you are executing the command "display ospf peer" on Router 2, you will find the status between Router2 and Router3 is "2-way".

So from this output, what conclusion can you draw? (Multiple choice)

A. the router R2 is DR or BDR

B. router R3 is neither DR, nor the BDR

C. router did not form a full adjacency relationship between R2 and R3 router

D. router R2 is not DR

E. the router R4 is DR

Answer: BCD

You have two routers run BGP connected to different ISP. You want to affect the Internet into your network traffic, but your company is prohibited to use BGP communities.

The best way to achieve the aforementioned requirements?

A. the router’s cost adjustment

B. use MED

C. increase the router PreVal

D. reduce the router’s Local Preference

E. use AS-path additive

F. use Metrics

Answer: E

Which of the follwing description about BSR/RP mechanism is true? (Multiple choice)

A. PIM-SM domain can have multiple C-BSR, but can only elect a BSR

B. BSR through the received C-RP data packet to collect C-RP information

C. BSR by flooding Bootstrap packets advertised BSR information and C-RP information to all router in PIM-SM domain

D. a C-BSR also can collect C-RP information through received C-RP data packets

Answer: ABC

In shared network,Which mechanism is used by PIM-SM to prevent repeat traffic?

A. Register mechanism

B. BSR/RP mechanism

C. Assert mechanism

D. Join/Prune mechanism

Answer: C

Here on the OSI reference model, which description about the sixth layer functional is corret?

A. Providing a common data compression and encryption scheme

B. Establishing, maintaining and terminating communication sessions

C. Synchronous Communication

D. Determining the availability of resources

Answer: A

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